Acquisition Completed

Clipeum IT have completed the acquisition of Woodbridge based React Computer Partnership Ltd. 

React, a provider of managed IT services for local small and medium sized businesses, has over 25 years of professional IT support experience. The React brand remains, as do all the staff and management team. We will ensure that longstanding client relationships are maintained, whilst our experience and resources add considerable value. Clipeum IT will deploy more extensive cyber security services for React to offer to its valued clients, in order to keep them Cyber Safe. 

“In order to maintain the excellent company that has been grown organically for the last 25 years, fresh ideas and investment was seen as a necessity. It was always important that the excellent and dedicated staff were treated in the same manner, and to ensure the required potential to carry on their education to ensure our customers are using the latest technology as best as it can be. Clipeum IT met this criteria and has the proven experience to enhance the skills and provide additional business support to meet the future plans.” .

Alan Pledger, Managing Director – React Computer Partnership.

“React has been at the forefront of IT since 1997, expertly servicing clients all over the country. The Clipeum team are delighted to have joined forces with the team at React and we all are incredibly excited for what is to come!”. 

Attila Vitai, OBE, Chairman – Clipeum IT.     

About Clipeum IT 

Clipeum IT was formed to acquire mature and well-established IT service companies in the UK, with a mission to maximize their existing potential and expand their product offering to assist clients now and in the future. We are group of extremely experienced, positive and driven professionals who are focused on improving customer engagement, employing best of best group practices and ensuring that we provide the most effective products and services that enable our clients to operate efficiently while keeping them cybersafe. We provide acquired companies with the tools required to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Our aim is to invest and contribute new talent and expertise to take the business and its team to the next level. Clipeum IT is building an interlocking group of successful IT service companies to provide complete and secure IT solutions for small to medium size enterprises in the United Kingdom.   

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About React 

React was founded in 1997 and run by three brothers; Francis, Richard and Alan, with valuable support from Office Manager (and sister) Penny and a team of highly skilled IT professionals.  Reacts philosophy as a business is influenced significantly by the founders father who’s simple, but often used mantra of “either do it properly, or don’t do it”.  As a result, the React Computer Partnership has been built upon a solid foundation of knowledge, and not guess work.  Computer systems are a critical business tool, and IT is simply too important to adopt a “give it a go” type attitude.  React has established a proud reputation for providing businesses across the UK with first-quality service, from IT hardware and software installation to comprehensive support.